3 Brides Dish on Their Wedding-Day Disasters


3 Brides Dish on Their Wedding-Day Disasters

Wedding-planning woes keeping you up at night? Between worrying about you tripping on your dress, the officiant forgetting his speech and one of your bridesmaids getting a wee bit too drunk and making a scene, it’s enough to give a bride dark circles! Wedding glitches happen, yes, but (taking a cue from show business) the show must go on — and it will! Take note from these real brides’ tales of wedding-day disasters: No snafu is too great to keep you from having beautiful memories of the day you married the love of your life.

“The day of my wedding, a pipe burst and flooded the venue. It was insane, but the site manager found us another spot nearby that looked just as beautiful and set everything up there that afternoon. We hardly knew the difference! It goes to show that no matter what goes wrong, you can still have an amazing day.” — Jessica M. Hamilla, Hubbard, Ohio

“Try things on the moment they arrive. When the groomsmen’s tuxedos came in, they were missing pieces. The best man had no pants, one leg on my husband’s tux was longer than the other, and we didn’t notice until a few days before the wedding! Emergency tailoring — and a rush shipment from the rental company — solved it, but it was stressful.” — Camrin Edwards, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

“My iPod didn’t sync with my speaker, so my processional song didn’t work. I wish I’d checked to make sure it would play beforehand! It ended up fine, though, because right when I was about to walk down the aisle, a flock of geese flew overhead, honking loudly. We certainly had a memorable entrance.” — Alyssa Judge, Northfield, Minnesota